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Your type would be Fire. You'd have an Arcanine, a Magmar and two Ninetails (one of them being your highest level one and knowing Fire Blast or Flare Blitz or whatever). Your badge would be a burning tree.

"also the badge is called the Forest Fire Badge" - Sent in a different ask.

I just imagine this gym wouldn’t have a set location. I’d just have to find a new forest each time and set up there until it all burns down. It wouldn’t be the most approved of gym.

Fire Type. Blaziken, Delphox, Ninetails, and Talonflame. Inferno Badge. Blaziken as signature Pokemon.

I like a lot of Fire types despite a good few of them not being very good so I’d say Fire is a fitting type. That lineup seems about on the mark for what I’d pick for a Fire type gym team.

Mixed, Snake Badge, Milotic, Arbok, Gyarados and Serperior as Signature Pokemon, also I am incredibly clever and original

I always liked the idea of gyms that revolved around a theme but didn’t resign to one type, so this is a pretty neat idea.

if i was a gym leader, what would my type, pokemon, badge, and signature pokemon be?


I work at a theater and we just got these I cannot believe this


Yoshikage Kira wants a normal life.


Yoshikage Kira wants a normal life.

ball python morphs by constrictors unlimited




thankfully these two animations have synced frames

rips still from here